Comercio entre China y el Perú alcanzó US$9.5 millones en el primer semestre

SEMANAeconómica.- El comercio entre el Perú y China durante el primer semestre llegó a US$9,500 millones, según el Ministerio de Comercio Exterior y Turismo (Mincetur). La balanza comercial entre ambos países fue positiva para el Perú: las exportaciones llegaron a US$5,458 millones entre abril y junio, frente a las importaciones, que llegaron a US$4,128 millones.

With some countries, China is in the red

Bloomberg.- South Korea’s $72.2 billion surplus with the People’s Republic in fact tops a list of more than 40 nations that export more to the country than they import from it, followed by Switzerland and Australia, data compiled by Bloomberg show. Besides commodity exporters such as Iran and machinery producers like Germany, smaller economies such as Ireland, Finland and Laos round out the tally.

China takes away the punch bowl

Bloomberg.- Given how opaque decision-making in China can be, it’s tempting to see all manner of conspiracies behind the government’s recent crackdown on companies that have expanded rapidly abroad. In fact, the reasoning behind the campaign is straightforward. The real problem is that it’s likely to damage China in the long run.

Trump just did something good on Trade

Bloomberg.- The mini-deal on U.S. trade with China announced by Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross last week deserves a cautious welcome. It’s narrow in scope, and the reasoning behind it, as related by Ross, is questionable at best, but it gets the main thing right: It expands rather than contracts the opportunities for mutually beneficial commerce.