Trump wants jobs coming back to the U.S. from China — but companies and consumers might disagree

MarketWatch.- President Donald Trump and White House trade advisor Peter Navarro would like to see U.S. companies’ manufacturing operations come back home. Navarro noted recently that the administration is working on a phase-four stimulus package of at least $2 trillion that would focus on strengthening American manufacturing and include incentives for U.S. companies to reshore operations. The goal reportedly is to push legislation through Congress before its August recess.

EE.UU. y China firman hoy “fase 1’”de acuerdo comercial: ¿Cómo impactará en el Perú?

El Comercio.- El inicio de la guerra comercial, que influyó en la ralentización de la economía mundial, se remonta a marzo del 2018, cuando el presidente estadounidense Donald Trump anunció que su gobierno elevaría los aranceles a 1.300 productos chinos. En respuesta, el gigante asiático informó que sumaría 106 artículos estadounidenses a una lista de insumos a los que se les impondrían aranceles del 25% sobre el producto en sus impuestos de ingresos.

China’s Government Is Letting a Wave of Bond Defaults Just Happen

Bloomberg.- China’s had another record year of corporate bond defaults. That’s not a crisis. It’s a plan. A decade ago, defaults almost never happened, but that wasn’t because companies in China were always healthy. It was a reflection of the tightly controlled financial system, where companies were often linked to the government and bonds were largely bought by state-owned lenders. Authorities have often stepped in to ensure that financially troubled enterprises didn’t crash into default, out of concern over social unrest in the event of job losses or missed payroll payments.