Donald Trump

Trump wants jobs coming back to the U.S. from China — but companies and consumers might disagree

MarketWatch.- President Donald Trump and White House trade advisor Peter Navarro would like to see U.S. companies’ manufacturing operations come back home. Navarro noted recently that the administration is working on a phase-four stimulus package of at least $2 trillion that would focus on strengthening American manufacturing and include incentives for U.S. companies to reshore operations. The goal reportedly is to push legislation through Congress before its August recess.

Three ways Trump could juice US economy

BBC.- Fears of a possible recession on the horizon has led the White House to begin considering several emergency measures to kickstart the US economy. Donald Trump likes to claim credit for “the greatest” economy ever which he hopes will help him win re-election in 2020. America’s current expansion is the longest in US history. More Americans are in work. They’re being paid more. And they’re spending more.

Some analysts see the pound climbing above $1.40 after May’s brexit plan

Bloomberg.- The U.K. prime minister’s push for a so-called soft Brexit, which envisions maintaining a close economic partnership with the European Union, is good for sterling, according to Deutsche Bank AG. The prospect of an interest-rate increase as early as August by the Bank of England will add support for the British currency, said Oliver Harvey, a strategist in London at the German bank.