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Trump just did something good on Trade

Bloomberg.- The mini-deal on U.S. trade with China announced by Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross last week deserves a cautious welcome. It’s narrow in scope, and the reasoning behind it, as related by Ross, is questionable at best, but it gets the main thing right: It expands rather than contracts the opportunities for mutually beneficial commerce.

America is not the greatest country on earth. It’s N° 28

Bloomberg.- Every study ranking nations by health or living standards invariably offers Scandinavian social democracies a chance to show their quiet dominance. A new analysis published this week —perhaps the most comprehensive ever— is no different. But what it does reveal are the broad shortcomings of sustainable development efforts, the new shorthand for not killing ourselves or the planet, as well as the specific afflictions of a certain North American country.

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Se abre mercado de EE.UU. para granada e higos frescos peruanos

El Comercio.- El Ministerio de Agricultura y Riego (MINAGRI), informó que en reunión sostenida en la ciudad estadounidense de Washington DC, entre el Servicio de Inspección de Sanidad Agropecuaria (APHIS, por sus siglas en inglés), del Ministerio de Agricultura de Estados Unidos (USDA), USDA-APHIS y representantes del Senasa, acordaron que los productores peruanos podrán exportar granadas e higos frescos con tratamiento de irradiación en el punto de ingreso en EEUU.