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The case for increasing the minimum wage

MarketWatch.- Electoral campaigns are the moment when political parties remember that there are more poor than rich voters, and in most western democracies, this is the time when promises to raise the minimum wage flourish. In the U.S., Democratic candidates for their party’s presidential nomination all seem to agree on the need to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour, either right away or over time.

Christmas markets hit by Brexit costs

BBC.- City centres across the UK will be transformed in the coming weeks as wooden stalls are erected and visitors from Europe arrive to bring a continental flavour to our streets. Christmas markets have quickly become a familiar sight in many cities, but the uncertainty around Brexit means they have faced extra challenges this year.

U.K. should leave Europe, join up with North America

MarketWatch.- Efforts to block Brexit in the U.K. Parliament could well require an election by yearend. The British should consider that the EU makes more sense as a free-trade area than a broader economic and political union, and the U.K. would be better off petitioning to join the North American Free Trade Agreement if Brussels won’t grant it simple free-trade status with independence from its regulatory net.